Sneeze Guard – Covid 19 Acrylic Screens

Sneeze Guards – Sneeze Screens :

You need to protect your frontline workers: Acrylic Sneeze Guard are the present solution. We have a large range of designs or we can custom to suit your requirements. We have successfully supplied our range of sneeze guards and screens for all medical services and shop outlets. Our Sneeze guards help to keep you trading in the current conditions of Covid 19 virus. We also believe they will help to reduce the infection for your front-line workers against the common flue, reducing the number of sick days your staff will take.

The Cost for an acrylic Sneeze counter screen or sneeze guard start from $175 its not a lot to pay for the protection it offers to you colleagues and staff members

Sneeze Screens from $275

Counter Sneeze Guards from $185

This screen is designed for easy shipping and is simple to install. Perfect to be used where you need to take payments or documents from a client. The gap under the screen is 170mm, it’s enough to allow trading but still protect you from the public.

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Product Name Free Standing Sneeze Guard 1000mm

Medical /Pharmacy

We have supplied many free standing – barriers – to protects to the medical industry.

From Surgeons protective boxes, to eye surgeon’s camera slit shields to reception counter barriers, we can make custom barriers for your premise to suit.


We have designed a range acrylic screens to create a barrier between the operator and the client for the eye exam using the slit lamp exam device.  Very effective when having close contact with your patients.


Our frontline medical practitioners need help with protecting themselves when treating infected patients – we have a design that will work, or we are happy to work with the industry to come up with a solution.

Food Retailers /Fast Food Outlets/Cafes /Take away only

In light of times, sneeze barriers have always been a safer way to protect food or food hygiene to customers.  With our food guard they can free stand and be high enough to make sure no one can breathe spit or sneeze onto open food.  This barrier is also safe to have at your counter to protect yourselves to the customer.  The barriers can be custom made and allow a cutout for payment services or handing over food items.  We have a varied type of styles that we can fabricate for you in a very short time space.

Supermarkets/Convenience Stores/ Local Delis/ Any retail that is open

Barriers help protect you from getting the virus but is also a deterrent against robbery. A Perspex screen can help when someone is being violent towards you and can be a protection barrier as well.

Depending on the counter style you have – we do create flat barriers with cutouts that can be attached to poles or drilled into your counter front

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