Polycarbonate Sheets

polycarbonate sheetsGet a stronger, more flexible material that will save you time and money. Love the transparent, clean look of glass but not so keen on the brittleness? By getting a polycarbonate sheet in Perth you don’t have to worry about shattered glass or unseemly cracks ever again.  Polycarbonate is almost unbreakable and is up to 250 times more durable than its alternatives. We sell sheets in full or custom cut so you can get exactly what you’re after. Give us a call on 08 9409 3834 to enjoy one of the strongest, most versatile materials today.

 What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a type of thermoplastic. This refers to a type of plastic that has the propensity to become liquid when it reaches its melting point. Above all, this allows for simple injection moulding but it’s also a very good property for recyclables. Polycarbonate is used as a glass substitute because it’s transparent and can transmit light nearly as effectively. Additionally, it’s highly pliable and can withstand significantly greater impacts. In fact, polycarbonate sheets are about 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than other plastic alternatives like acrylic.

Qualities of Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate is a very durable and long-lasting material. Although it does tend to cost more than its alternatives, you should keep in mind that its impact resistance will lead to less of a need to replace and it will take longer before it requires any fixing. It also has low levels of flammability and is thermally stable up to temperatures of 135°C.

It is very pliable with an inherent design flexibility and is able to be bent without heating. This allows for it to be cut or cold formed onsite in the midst of installation with no fabrication or preforming required unlike alternative materials like glass and acrylic. It also doesn’t need as much structural support as glass so all in all it can lead to both time and money being saved during the installation process.

There are occasions when polycarbonate is not ideal as it does have some downsides. Its pliability lends it to being easier to scratch and dent and it isn’t very resistant to cleaning products. If you want to enquire whether polycarbonate is right for you give us a call on 08 9409 3834.

What is polycarbonate sheet & what is it used for?

Polycarbonate is best suited for the following applications:

Boat Windows Car windows Tractor Windows
Greenhouses Patios Sun Shields
Riot Shields vaults safety guarding

Polycarbonate sheets can withstand high impact and can easily adjust to fluctuating weather conditions. These sheets can be quite pliable which is great if you need to adjust them to preformed framework and can be cold bent on site. Due to its lightweight nature and pliability, polycarbonate is a great choice to use if you’re conducting a DIY product.Our polycarbonate sheets are suited for outdoor applications as they offer complete UV filter protection. This helps prolong the life of the sheet and will protect everything situated beneath it from ultraviolet rays while also allowing the natural light to flow through where needed.

polycarbonate sheet thickness (CLEAR)

Quantity Size Thickness Price Postage
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 1mm Call 94093834 Pickup only
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 2mm Call 94093834 Pickup only
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 3mm Call 94093834 Pickup only
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 4.5mm Call 94093834 Pickup only
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 6mm Call 94093834 Pickup only
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 9.5mm Call 94093834 Pickup only

polycarbonate sheet thickness (Grey tint )

Quantity Size Thickness Price Postage
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 3mm Call 94093834 Pickup only
1 sheet 1220 x 2440 4.5mm Call 94093834 Pickup only

How much does a sheet of polycarbonate cost?

We sell polycarbonate sheets in full and can custom cut to your size specification. Polycarbonate sheeting price can vary considerably depending on the nature of your cut and the material you choose. So go ahead and email us your sizes at nicole@cdclaser.com.au and we’ll be able to custom quote your project. Please give us a call for pricing on 08 9409 3834.

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