Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

Custom Design Cutting sells an expansive range of Acrylic Sheets. Acrylic Sheets cut to size are available by pre order or counter order while you wait. Please note that if you order while you wait is for small orders, stock on hand and average wait time 10 to 30minutes.

Acrylic Sheet Sizes available
CDC Laser Stock sheets in the following sizes:
Acrylic Sheet Panel Thickness: 1.5mm – 50mm

2440mm 1220mm (Standard size all colours 2mm to 40mm see chart below)
1220mm 1880mm (1.5mm clear acrylic only)
3050mm 2030mm (Over size, Clear, Frosted, Opal and White)
2440mm 1830mm (Over size, Clear, Frosted, Opal and White)
2490mm 1880mm (Over size, Clear, Frosted, Opal and White)
2450mm 1230mm (Frosted, Opal and White)

Acrylic Sheet Colours
CDC acrylic showroom has a full range of acrylic colours and textures on show and samples you can use match to your project requirements. Please note that the colours swatch below may not be a true representation of the actual colour (sample only). Most of the colours are available in 3mm and 4.5mm. 6mm and thicknesses above this it is best to give us a call as colours are limited. Acrylic sheet custom colours are available but you will need to talk to our sales team.

Available Colour



Green Edge

Bronze 530


Blue Tint 301

Purple Tint

Grey Tint

Satin Clear

Blue Tint



Light Opal

Blue Tint 304

White 402

Blue 835


Blue Edge

White Opal Tint

Dark Grey Tint

Red Tint

Blue 324

Opal White Frosted

Bronze Tint


Blue 825

White 433

Pink Fluoro

Orange Red

Dark Blue


Green Fluoro

Dark Orange Red


Opal White

Orange Fluoro


Marine Green Tint


Mandarin Fluoro

Orange Fluorro

Forest Green

Matte Black

Blue 2402

Gold Tint


Dark Grey

Yellow 2420

Gold Yellow

Green Tint

Light Bronze

Mirror Silver


Dark Green

Bronze 522

Mirror Gold

Acrylic sheet Orders and Quotes Please Call 08 9409 3834
We have an online store where you can order small sheet directly and you can pick them up or pay for delivery. Full sheets are a bit of a change to have delivered as most delivery courier will not take full sheets as they need a flat back ute. We have owe metro delivery service and we can arrange for outside Metro delivery.

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Acrylic Sheet Brands and Suitability for projects
Well known and trusted acrylic brands are Plexiglass, Astari acrylic, SUMIPEX®, Shinkolite® and Acrycast® are brand that make up 95% of all acrylic sales in Australia.
Most of the all of the brands above UV stable acrylic and acrylics that are food safe for applications ranging from building & construction, signage, point of sale to any glass replacement, containers, hospital fixings, document storage, Sound Barriers, Skylights, Architectural, Medical, Acrylic Fish Tanks / Aquariums, Point of Purchase/ Sale and Pool fencing. With a wide range of colours and finishes, Cast Acrylic Sheets are used in many new and cutting edge designs.

A4 size and A3 size Sheets

We also sell a range of pre-cut A4 and A3 size sheets in a variety of colours and clear. These sheets are ready to go and are usually cut in the 3mm thickness. We can however cut thicker sizes on availability.