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The Services and Products We Provide
A4 4mm Chunky Dark Blue Acrylic Sheet
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A3 3mm Chunky Dots Pink/Gold Acrylic Sheet
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A4 3mm Chunky Dots Pink/Gold Acrylic Sheet
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A4 3mm Blue Glitter Acrylic Sheet
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A4 1.5mm Red Mirror Acrylic Sheet
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A4 3mm Fluro Red Acrylic Sheet (UNI-267)
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A4 3mm Chunky Dot Black/White Acrylic Sheet
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A4 210 x 297mm Xmas Green Acrylic Sheet (GLITGRXMAS)
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A3 297 x 420mm Xmas Green Acrylic Sheet (GLITGRXMAS)
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Chunky Rose Gold Acrylic Sheets
A4 3mm Chunky Rose Gold Acrylic Sheet
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A2 420 x 594mm Xmas Green Acrylic Sheet (GLITGRXMAS)
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A4 1.5mm Purple Mirror Acrylic Sheet
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A4 3mm Chunky Rose Red (Purple) Acrylic Sheet
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Acrylic Sheets Perth – Cut to size Plastic Sheets Perth

Acrylic Sheets Cut to Size in Perth WAAcrylic Sheets Cut to Size in Perth WA

Based in Perth WA, we are a major distributor of acrylic sheets with a quick turnaround and cut to size capabilities. We stock an extensive list of materials including ABS, acrylic, plexiglass, polypropylene, polycarbonate & styrene among others.

CDC laser services a wide range of industries such as sign manufacturers, commercial printers, graphics companies, screen printers, retail display installers, stall fixture designers and maintenance companies.

We are a supplier of acrylic sheeting in clear, colours, patterns and custom grades. We provide full sheets and can cut sheets to your specific requirements. Our in house fabrication services include line bending and CNC routing. We have high-speed lasers ready to complete your job within a timely fashion, and no job is too big or too small for our dedicated staff.

Please contact us for a discussion or quotation on any project you may be planning.

What We Do What We Do

  1. Plastic Shelving and shop fittings
  2. Acrylic display stands and boxes
  3. Road marking stencils, custom stencils
  4. Skylights, light panels, light diffusers
  5. Pool safety fences, patio infills,
  6. Signs, acrylic lettering, light boxes
  7. Picture/poster frames wall art, stand offs
  8. Kitchen splashbacks/chopping Boards/drawer dividers
  9. Window replacement, boat windows, race car windows
  10. Student projects

A4 3mm Acrylic Sheets and A3 3mm Acrylic SheetsA4 3mm Acrylic Sheets and A3 3mm Acrylic Sheets

We sell a variety of ready to go sheets at our shop front, which are available at a fraction of the cost you would pay from other sellers. Our ready to go range includes A4 size sheets in a variety of colours and clear, in addition to A3 size clear and colour sheets. Our ready to go sheets are perfect if you have your own laser machine, or are a hobbyist who likes working with acrylic. If you require A4 and A3 sizes in various thicknesses, we can also arrange cutting for you. All you need to do is give us a call and advise us of your requirements.

Offcuts and various pieces can easily be purchased from our shop front in Wangara. We have a selection out in our shop front for you to sort through and grab a bargain at a slightly cheaper rate than purchasing custom cut pieces.

Acrylic Cutting ToolsAcrylic Cutting Tools

If you need to cut down your acrylic piece, then we can offer you an acrylic cutting tool instore. Along with a metal ruler, and provided that you have a steady hand, you can cut your own rectangle size. If you don’t feel comfortable using the tool, give us a call and we can cut your size for an additional cutting fee.

Custom Design Cutting also offers you a bending service for acrylic and plastic. We can bend up to 1 meter in length and we can also cut holes for drilling your acrylic to other materials.

Boat Windows Cut to Size Boat Windows Cut to Size

Do you have a boat that needs replacement of old deteriorated windows? Just bring in the existing frame and we can measure up and replace your window, so that you can fit the window yourself. We have clear acrylic sheets and grey tints that you can use to replace your windows. Come in and have a look at our grey tints, and we can cut them to size for you.

Acrylic Logos and Letters Cut to Size Acrylic Logos and Letters Cut to Size

Acrylic letters are perfect for business signs, and are suitable for indoors or outdoors. They do not rust and are UV stable for at least 10 years. They are also affordable, and are easy to install. To order your sign lettering all you need to do is go to this link and choose your letter font, colour and size, add them to the cart, and in a few days, we will have your order shipped direct to you.

6 Custom Plastic Display Fabricators

At CDC, we pride ourselves in working with our customers on a one to one basis, to gain all the right information to ensure we deliver your items to you as requested. We aim to keep your project within budget and provide you with value for money results.

We specialize in providing one offs or multiple quantities of plastic fabrication, from simple designs to more complex designs that you would not find on any of the generic websites that mass produce acrylic items.

From custom Cigar Boxes to unique display cases for works of art or artifacts, we are able to custom design items for you. Our machinery allows us to router cut up to 3meters x 1.35meter panels and a depth of 90mm. Our laser cutting will cut 2400mm x 1200mm sheets up to 12mm thick.

Wall Display Mounting Products Wall Display Mounting Products.

At CDC we also stock a range of display stand offs that you may require when you have a framing project in mind with using acrylic sheets. We can cut and drill your holes in your acrylic sheets if you wish to display them on your walls. Our stand offs come in a variety of colours from satin finish silver, gold, black, bronze and more. We can order in specific stand offs if you require the depth of the standoff to be deeper than the normal depth,  and we can order you wider stand offs for larger wall mounted posters.

Aluminium Composite Panels Cut to Size Aluminium Composite Panels Cut to Size

Along with our acrylic sheets, we also have a complete range of Aluminium Composite Panels in various colours and finishes. Our Aluminium Composite Panels are perfect for using for splashbacks in hobby kitchens and wet areas, and can be used in outdoor kitches as an alternative to using tiles. Please speak with us about using this product and acrylic near burners or hot surfaces, as there are insurance specifications in accordance with this.  We have swatches at our store front, and can order any colour or finish which we can cut to size for you.

Acrylic Pool Fence Guards and Patio ExtensionAcrylic Pool Fence Guards and Patio Extensions

Do you have some questionable spots in your pool fencing that can allow a small child to use as a toehold? Whether it be a simple peice of acrylic to cover up toehold areas, or a piece of custom bent acrylic sheeting that you require to place over a window or entry or exit area, we can fabricate this for you as well.

 Brands We SupplyBrands We Supply

Some of the material brands that we supply in full sheets or cut to size are Astariglass, Plexiglass, Bayer, Shinkolite, Acryglas, Signbond, Alucobond, Econ, Alco panel ALPV Panel, Tesse Matt just to name a few.

alcopanel astari plexiglass astariglas