Aluminium Composite Sheet

Custom Design Cutting has a complete range of colours in composite panels for both indoor and outdoor use.  You can choose from over 57 swatches in store in our central located showroom in Wangara Perth.



This product is an extremely versatile rigid substrate that can be used for signage, decorative screens, direct printing, building cladding and many more projects at home or business.  The panels come in a variety of specifications to suit your application needs, hence the price difference on these products. So be aware that the cheaper sheets may not be suitable to the application you wish to have completed.


Econ Panels

If you are wanting a panel to print or wrap on then you are looking at Econ Panel. These panels range in different shades of white black and a selection of colours.

If you require the sheets for high grade sign writing, interior design, shop fittings or for a caravan fit out, then this is the correct product for you.


ALPV Panel

If you are looking for an outdoor application, a high quality indoor application, a 10 year guarantee on the matte side, larger colour selection, to be a shop fitting grade and external cladding grade, then this is the panel for you.


So when you are looking for your next project sheeting of ALC please give us a call and we will be able to assist you for your sheeting needs.




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