Counter Sneeze Guards

Counter Sneeze Guards from $120

CDC Laser has designed a new free-standing Counter Sneeze Guard. This type of guard can be shipped all around Australia affordably. The guard is priced from $120 plus shipping and will be sent using a flat-pack design as pictured here.

custom 3.2m x 700mm sneeze guard
Small 600mm x 600mm screen
Large Custom screens

The full Counter Sneeze Guards 750mm x 800mm with two 4.5mm post stands, comes in a kit to complete the DIY installation. The kit comes flat packed to make it easy and safe to ship. You will get step by step instructions on installation. Industrial double-sided tape as an option to hold the sneeze screen to the counter and we have also included cleaning instructions and a micro fibre cloth.The is really the perfect acrylic screen to use on a reception desk or to be used to divide customer counters. We have sold the screens to pharmacies, doctor surgeries, government offices, accountants, hamburger shops, take away food order outlets, clothing and beauty shops along many other businesses.

We have found this design to be also suitable to use for schools’ reception counter screens. If you own a nail salon and are looking for purpose made screens to fit Dremel, UV lamps etc to fit under the barrier.

What makes this screen so much better is the construction? We use 4.5mm clear acrylic for the stands and base. Using the thick acrylic stands gives the screen a much stronger and sturdy free-standing performance. The screen itself is made from 3mm acrylic.

Counter Sneeze Guards
Counter Sneeze Guards
Counter Sneeze Guards
Counter Sneeze Guards

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Similarly, if you want a custom size made, please contact us now and we will be happy to help you over the phone or by email

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    How to assemble - Counter Sneeze Guard

    The Perspex Sneeze Guard comes flat packed and can be assembled without any tools.

    Step 1– Peel the protective coating off all parts. (brown or white coating)

    Step 2– Slide the feet in the 3mm screen slots.

    Step 3– Stand the screen into the counter position and mark the position of the feet on the counter using some masking tape.

    Step 4– Now that you can see where the feet of the stand will be, remove the stand with the feet, leaving the masking tape as a guide before positioning the double-sided tape supplied. Only a small amount will be needed. Make sure you have cleaned your countertop to be free of all grit and oils before securing tape.

    Step 5– With the help of a second person, place the stand’s feet so that they line up with the tape marking you left on the counter.

    Step 6– Remove tape.

    How to Clean your Counter Sneeze Guard.

    You can clean your acrylic screen easily without scratching provided you follow these simple steps.

    Blow off any dirt that is loose with compressed air or a clean, dry paint brush. Then use a water spray bottle to get the hard dirt off the panel. Remember to set up a towel in order to catch the water and let the panel drip dry. After that, use a little bit water mixed with soap or baby shampoo and use a premium micro-fibre cloth to clean the entire surface area.

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