Why Acrylic is better than Glass?

Acrylic mirror sheet is an excellent choice to glass. Unlike glass which can be heavy, is fragile and hard to manipulate, acrylic mirror sheet provides all the benefits of glass without any of the problems. There has been a surge in acrylic sheet Perth and here at CDC Laser Perth, we’ve helped businesses, individuals, contractors and more utilise the benefits of acrylic sheets.

Why acrylic better than glass?

Here’s why we think acrylic mirror sheets are streaks ahead of glass!

Impact resistance

Acrylic mirror sheet is more resistant to impact than glass. In instance of any type of damages, acrylic is stronger and rather than breaking into small sharp splinters and shards, it breaks in large pieces for quicker clean up and safety. This makes it an ideal material for things like greenhouse plastic, play house windows, hospitals, nursery schools, play centres, aircraft windows and motorcycle visors.

Light reflective

Acrylic sheets transfer approximately 92% light, while glass can only send 80-90% light. Crystal clear, all acrylic sheets transfer and reflect light far better than any type of glass.

Environmentally Responsible

Acrylic is incredibly durable and long lasting. However they can also be recycled by being scrapped and recycled. During scrapping, acrylic sheets are smashed, then heated prior to being re-melted right into a fluid syrup. Upon completition, brand new acrylic sheets can be created.

UV resistance

When acrylic sheets are bought for outdoor use, the material can be subject to high amounts of ultraviolet rays (UV). Acrylic sheets therefore come available with a built-in UV filter.


Acrylic sheets are a cost-effective option over glass because they can be generated at half the expense. As plastic sheets are lighter in weight , they can be conveniently transported which also drives down costs of delivery.

Moulded to Shape

Acrylic sheets have great moulding properties. When heated up to 100 degrees, it can be conveniently moulded into a number of shapes including containers, images frameworks and tubing. As it cools off, acrylic takes on the developed shape. Cutting acrylic sheet is also much easier than cutting glass.


Acrylic  weights 50% less than glass which makes it much easier to deal with. As compared to glass, acrylic sheets are exceptionally light to work with.

Glass like clarity

Acrylic has residential properties to maintain its optical clearness and takes a considerable time period to discolour. As a result of its resilience and optical clearness, a lot of fabricators prefer laser cut acrylic sheets to make use of as panels for home windows, greenhouses, skylights and store-front home windows.

Safety and Durability

Acrylic sheets are17 times more robust and durable than the glass. These properties means it takes a lot more pressure to shatter acrylic. These sheets have been developed to provide security, safety and security while at the same time making it look just like glass.

In recent times, acrylic sheeting has actually surpassed glass due to its versatility and functionality. If you want to  buy acrylic sheet Perth, here at CDC Laser Perth you can get what you want, when you want it and at a price that’s right. For all your Acrylic sheet Perth needs, you can count on us as your local and premier distributor of acrylic sheets.

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