Acrylic Fabrication

From Shop Fittings to delicate artwork display boxes we can fabricate your custom projects which can include:

Shop fittings Display cabinets awards trophy stands
Point of Sale Makeup storage Risers Machine Guards
Document Holders 3d Letters and signage dividers

We pride ourselves in working with our customers on a one to one basis to gain all the right information to ensure we deliver your items to you as requested. All custom made items will come with a pre-approval drawing artwork speciation sheet before we go to manufacture, to make sure that all the details have been ticked. We aim to keep your project within budget and give you value for money results.

We specialize in one offs or multiple quantities of plastic fabrication, from simple designs to more complex designs that you would not find on any of the generic websites that mass produce acrylic items.

From custom Cigar Boxes to unique display cases for works of art or artefacts we are able to custom design these items for you.

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